Safety and maintenance are a top priority for luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz. Not only can adequate maintenance reduce the risk
of accidents but also prevent costly last-minute malfunctions. Your Mercedes-Benz is an investment, so take the time to protect and
help it perform long enough.

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance and Management Tips

Rodney Herson Automotive specialists share valuable tips in this blog to help you avoid maintenance-related damages to your

  • Have someone help you check the emergency equipment, lights, and reflectors.
  • Drive the vehicle for at least 20 minutes every week to prevent inactivity-related damages.
  • Ensure a clean motor oil supply for proper lubrication since oil is the engine’s lifeblood.
  • Regularly check the air and oil filters and keep the engine contamination free.
  • Flush the radiator annually for proper heat management as environmental, brake, and engine heat can degrade fluids,Inspect the vehicle regularly and look for signs that need immediate attention.
  • Check the tires and keep them at the recommended PSI, so they do not wear untimely.
  • Replace flat, spongy, or cracked hoses and belts right in time.
  • Use leather conditioner to keep interiors soft, smooth, safe, and clean.
  • Adequately lather UV protectant for maintaining cleanliness and having a great defense against harmful UV rays.
  • Leave engine diagnostics, transmission, sound system, and fuel pump fixes to an experienced Mercedes-Benz repair shop
    mechanic. Also, hire professional repair and maintenance services for horn, windows, doors, mirrors, windshield, washer,
    wipers, and defroster fixes.

Being faithful with your superiorly engineered Mercedes-Benz maintenance routine is a great way to extend its longevity.

Rodney Herson Automotive Services to Keep You Going

As a Mercedes-Benz owner, you’ll have to provide a high level of care to your luxury car. Rodney Herson auto professionals can help
you adhere to your vehicle’s service maintenance schedule with our state-of-the-art equipment and make things less complicated for
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